About Us

EverBurningCharcoal is a trade name of T2 Square Limited. We are a UK based registered company with unique presence in the Charcoal industry, in that we do not only sell Charcoal to Wholesalers and Restaurants, we also sell directly to  Retail Customers. We are also involved in the production of our Charcoal.

The advantage of this over other companies is that we work closely with our Customers, understanding their needs and relating these valuable information directly to our Charcoal Burners.

As a company, we take climate change very seriously and because of our local link with the area which we source our quality product, we can see first-hand the effect of climate change on the local farming environment.

Our Charcoal are produced from tree branches and left-overs from lumbered trees and also trees that have been damaged from the periodic wild fires.

In 2017, we obtained approximately 150 hectares of land and planted 5,000 trees.  Our Nursery in underway and the plan is to re-plant the trees that dd not survive from last year and also plant additional 20,000 in 2018.Sustainable product sourcing is the way forward.